Sarah Completes Tough Mudder for Hospitality Action

Sarah Completes Tough Mudder for Hospitality Action

by Sarah King

Tough Mudder 2017 – 5.5 Miles, 13 Obstacles and Mud…. more mud than you can ever imagine!

Tough Mudder 2017 Starting LineIt's Saturday 23rd September 2017 at 11:00 and we (photographer Dave and myself) have just arrived at Holmbush Farm for the challenge of the year (life time) - Tough Mudder Half, London South to show support and raise money for Hospitality Action….. After months of training and dragging myself out of bed early enough to get a run in before work, as well as additional Kickboxing sessions after work, the day had finally arrived!! I was as ready as I was ever going to be.

Sarah Ready to Start Tough MudderEach time I organise a charity event for Hospitality Action, I want it to be a challenge and really show commitment and push comfort zones, however, after postponing the challenge from April and arriving at site, I fear I have pushed my own boundaries and have this deep pit of fear and dread as I join the line for the warm up – after all, only I know how much ‘I HATE MUD, I HATE Running and I have a real distaste for getting wet’!! – WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!???

Tough Mudder 2017 Warm upEveryone in the group are in good spirits as we are instructed on our star jumps and jogging on the spot, we all look at each other and have a brief introduction, saying hello and sharing hugs and handshakes wishing everyone the best before the safety briefing – And we’re off, I wave goodbye to Photographer Dave, not knowing when I will next see his friendly little face….

The first stretch is ok, I say to myself, just a little bit of mud, not too tough and a run through the forest – this isn’t so bad, in fact quite pleasant.  As I approach the first obstacle my belly starts dancing around as I look up at this 12’ wall covered in slippery mud – HOW on EARTH am I going to get.…. Whoa! Before I knew it, I had a bunk up from below and was being hauled up from above by some burley chaps I’d never met before.  At this point I knew ‘team work was gonna make my dream work’ around this course.  I thanked them at the top as I jumped down the other side to face another the exact same.  EEEEKKK!

Not doing much research on the course map I wondered what was in store next, I didn’t need to wonder too long, at the top of the slope there it was – Kiss of Mud…. Tough Mudder 2017 Kiss of mud

That was it, this was where the real mud began.  Goggles on, I got down on my belly and crawled under the barbed wire through slush and mud, with a pit of water half way though for good measure.  As I completed the first obstacle, I looked back and thought, well, muds not so bad I actually enjoyed it.  Thumbs up from me!  Whats next?.... 

After a few more obstacles, just before the course left the woods I encountered The Mud Mile – Yes you heard me right – The MUD MILE! Holy crap, I have never seen soooo much mud! – as I ran down the steep bank I see in front of me a river, a river of muddy water I had to cross.  Little did I know this water was waste deep, I nearly lost my footing and ended up fully submerged in muddy water – lucky I had my goggles on!  The bank I had to crawl up was a river of muddy water, holding tight to the roots of the tree, I hoisted myself up with a massive grin on my face, wondering why wading through soo much mud was sooo much fun.  Before reaching the next obstacle, one of my favourites, I found myself running, well, more like slipping and sliding through ankle deep mud – nearly losing a shoe though the muddy suction beneath me.  Phew, it stayed on my foot!

Here I came face to face with 5 huge mounds of mud and pits of water – the only way down the mud mountains was on your bottom splashing into the muddy water almost head first!Tough Mudder 2017 Kiss of mud

Tough Mudder 2017 Muddy HugAs I came around and out of the woods, photographer Dave was there to greet me, although he didn’t want a hug?.....  I goggled up and jumped straight into the next obstacle – Blockness Monster!  Neck deep in water I thought I might go under – thank god for goggles! Clinging on to the block as the other Tough Mudders rotated it, I made it over the first one, turning back to help keep it moving for the others to get across – only one more to go!

Tough Mudder 2017 Blockness MonsterJumping out of the pool, I ran to the next challenge which was looking impossible – Everest!  I grabbed the rope and started to pull myself up the obstacle – slipping and sliding on the mud covered 45deg slope.  With little upper body strength, I struggle to hoist myself up and keep a firm grip!  Bang, I lose my footing and end up sliding to the bottom to start again! Ah – Man!  Some more burly men see my struggle and help me up by pulling the rope – Wahooo! There I am, I’ve climbed Everest!! (well the Tough Mudder Everest anyhow)…..

Tough Mudder 2017 Pyramid SchemeWith a few more obstacles to complete back in the woods, I wave farewell to photographer Dave until I reach the last challenge – Pyramid Scheme.  Here I find people are encouraging me to literally climb up them, using their knees, then shoulders until I reach half way.  I look back and dangle my leg to help them up to the middle with me, before turning around and being pulled up to the top!

I run to the finish line where a beer and Dave are waiting for me!  What a day, what a challenge!  The comradery & team spirit with a bunch of strangers for that day was overwhelming.  Every Mudder was there as a team and all worked together to help each other through the course.  Would I do another one – Yes, most probably, but next time – The Full Mudder with double the obstacles and distance! Tough Mudder 2017 Mission Complete

This year, on this challenge I raised £228 for Hospitality Action – Thank you to all who sponsored and supported me, as well as this great charity.  Until the next challenge!

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Tough Mudder 2017 – 5.5 Miles, 13 Obstacles and Mud…. more mud than you can ever imagine!

Tough Mudder 2017 Sarah giving a big guy a piggy back