Orcinus Young Chef Competition 2017

Orcinus Young Chef Competition 2017

by Sarah King

Orcinus Young chef 2017 – The Mystery Box Round!

Stewart Hellsten, Head Chef at The Running HorseWhat a fantastic day, huge excitement here at the Orcinus office as we get ready for the “ Mystery Box “ challenge.
We head off to collect our ingredients for the competition, wonderful fresh fish from JS Fresh Fish in Shamrock Quay, thankyou Kevin, and fresh veg, herbs and fruit from Howard at Market Fresh, lastly but not leastly, a selection of fabulous dry ingredients from our guest judge Stewart Hellsten, Head Chef at The Running Horse, Littleton.

Sarah Demonstrating Fish Cakes with some helpersThe competitors have no idea what they are cooking today, but as they are presented with their trays of ingredients, they soon establish they are making fish cakes! A recipe and method are provided for them, and they are off!

After Sarah has given a quick demonstration of how to skin and pin bone the fish, Stewart suggests that maybe she also takes part in the competition? This idea goes down well and she cracks on with the help of Fred and Amelia, the children of Student Support at Kings School, Jo Turner.

Stewart checking out the recipeThe students take their time reading through the recipe and method before starting (Stewart checks out the recipe as well ! ) Soon the room is in full flow, potatoes peeled and cooking, fish in the oven, leeks being sliced, preparation in full swing.

Sarah helping at the stoveIt’s a hot day, the kitchen is warm and soon starts to smell delicious, as the dishes start to come together. A quick time check, 5 minutes to plating up, and the tension mounts.

Time up, and all contestants have wonderful plates of food to present, Sarah’s looks pretty good as well! Considering none of the contestants had any idea what they were cooking today, or have used some of the ingredients before, their finished products are amazing. Each contestant putting their own spin on the dish, with their choice of garnish from the “ Mystery Box “

The final part of the day, tasting and judging. Everyone has the opportunity to sample each other’s dishes, this goes down particularly well! Feasting over, the judges have the difficult decision as to who leaves the competition.......The Orcinus Young Chef Competition Finalists

Final round, “ The Showstopper “ on the 15th June 2017, watch this space.

Back to the washing up then folks!

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