Work experience first hand at The Pig in Brockenhurst from Max Wood

Work experience first hand at The Pig in Brockenhurst from Max Wood

by Sarah King

Max WoodI started off with butterflies in my stomach, not knowing who’s who or what’s what, I was introduced to one of the chefs Simon, he showed me around the vast herb and vegetable garden. After that I was put on larder section, where I helped to bake the finest cheese straws. It was coming up to service and I was taken to the wood fired oven, where I made wonderful fresh flatbreads. I happy worked there until the end of service.

It was the second day of my experience, I met the head chef Dan Gover he had real charisma and was keen to share it with me. Back on larder section I was paired with a friendly guy named Joe, I started off by picking rocket leaves off their stalk, which had been foraged by the gardeners. I was asked if I could help prepare some of the starters, like smoked ox tail, and crispy quail’s egg. I was put on that until service finished.The Pig In Brockenhurst

The third day rolled around and I started at 3pm and finished at 10pm, a late shift, it was my last night of experience and I wanted to make myself more committed, which is what I did. I started off by peeling and chopping beetroot for a good hour, and then as we prepared for service, I helped to top off the desserts by piping cream around them.

Fresh Pizza at the Pig in BrockenhurstOnce it came to service, helped one of the chefs, Amy, to prepare the starters and then from 6pm onwards we were nonstop, banging out the starters, it was so much fun. 10pm came around quickly, I managed to speak to Dan and said “Thank You very much for this opportunity, I absolutely loved every minute” he said “I’m glad, thank you” I left feeling very happy and proud to have worked alongside such great people.