Orcinus Brutal10 Hospitality Action Fund Raiser

Orcinus Brutal10 Hospitality Action Fund Raiser

by Sarah King

Man's best weapon is the will to survive!

This July 2015, Team Orcinus participate in a gruelling 10k BrualRun to raise funds for charity Hospitality Action.

The Brutal Run course is 10km long and comprises natural obstacles such as steep hills, water ditches, uneven ground, swamps, rocks and mud, lots of mud! Like the 1996 film starring Will Smith, this will be an "Independance Day" for the indivduals taking part, full of action and adventure and maybe even some aliens immerging from the mud!

The team have started thier training, well some of them at least. Others are thinking about training, which is a good start. They call it "mental training".

We'd love you to get involved too, so if you want to join us or sponsor us, get in touch. Head over to our sponsor page if you'd like to make a donation to this worthy cause: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/TeamOrcinus

Brutal 10, Frith Hill, Aldershot
Saturday, 4th July 2015
Located at GU11 2HL

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About Hospitality Action:

Hospitality Action LogoEstablished in 1837 Hospitality Action, the Hospitality Industry Benevolent Organisation, has offered vital assistance to all who work, or have worked within hospitality in the UK and who find themselves in crisis.


Hospitality Action support people

  • Suffering from life altering illnesses
  • Experiencing poverty, bereavement and domestic violence
  • Retired from the industry who may be isolated

The money Hospitality Action raise goes towards

  • Grants for essential items including food, equipment and central heating
  • Supporting our often isolated and lonely retired hospitality workers
  • Running educational seminars advising catering students of the dangers of drug and alcohol misuse