Job Application Advice and CV Writing Tips

Top Tips for Job Seeking Chefs:

Your Recruiter/Representative is here to support YOU 100% of the journey.

  • Always ensure your contact details are on your application – most importantly your Email and Phone Number
    Have a sensible email address for applying for jobs. Avoid using unprofessional names. ( or are not going to represent you in your best light)
  • Ensure your CV accurately depicts you and details previous positions and resposibilities you have held.
  • Research the property and job role thoroughly before the interview – don’t know everything? Ask your representative questions, acquire a full job brief.
  • Ensure plenty of time for travel to interview/trial – going to be late? We understand this can happen, so let the recruit know
  • If you confirm an interview/trial – But change your mind, that's fine, just ensure you tell the recruiter with plenty of time. It's always better to let them know than fail to show up at the interview, you're projecting a poor image of yourself, so always let them know
  • Accepted a job role, but then changed your mind? This is also fine, just ensure you communicate this maturely to the recruiter

Recruiters and employers don’t mind you having a change of heart, after all, this is your career. However - They do mind lack of communication. It's about making the best impression you can and gaining respect.

Remember to keep in touch. GOOD LUCK in your search for a new challenge!

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