Take up of Apprentices

Take up of Apprentices

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The fresh food Industry is one only a few to come out of the recession so strong however, the expansion that has come with it has not been matched by increase in professionals and staff. The Hospitality & Catering Industry is forecasting 660,000 new jobs to be created by 2020 and with 22% of vacancies going unfilled and 59% of employers severely struggling to fill posts, this lack of cohesion and balance in staffing levels is worrying. Interestingly, during the recession, numbers of Apprentices enrolling into the Industry, whether it be Chefs, Receptionists or Food & Beverage Services Assistants, dropped from an average of 22,175 to a lowly 15,050! This is just further evidence that the Industry has neglected staffing levels and forward planning in this respect. Encouragingly though, in the last three years this has increased to approximately 24,000, showing growth in the Industry being matched by training the future generation while Hospitality & Catering was the third highest advertising Industry last year with 8,372 vacancies advertised!

We have already placed a many Apprentice Chefs, Apprentice Receptionists and Food & Beverage Services Assistants. We hope these Apprentices in a couple of years’ time will have the necessary grounding and skills in order to develop a career within the Hospitality & Catering Industry at establishments aiming for accolades and quality of produce that many envy and fulfil the roles that are going unfilled far too often at the moment.

Recruitment can be a very rewarding occupation and the enjoyment of seeing a young person take their first steps into a career that they view with such excitement and passion is by far unrivalled. Many of these passionate individuals are unsure about where there career will take them and sometimes need some guidance but when some take a step in to the kitchen for the first time, for a trial shift and immediately after their trial, they call us to say how it has convinced them that the Hospitality & Catering Industry is perfect for them, that moment is priceless. Placing such passionate candidates at establishments such as The Running Horse, Marwell Hotel as well as The Derby Inn, has given us the chance to see candidates grow in such establishments where quality and high standards are thrived upon.

A surprise that we have noted is the positivity we have seen amongst our clients. At a time where the Industry is suffering so much due to shortages of candidates, many would expect some to turn their noses up at the prospect of taking on an Apprentice in an under-staffed kitchen, however, the response has been the total opposite. Our clients have recognised that in order to solve the problems we are currently experiencing, we must rebuild the Industry from the ground up and gather a brigade of Apprentices to one day be skilled enough to be suitable for these roles.

Our Apprentices are only in their first few months of their Apprenticeships and have only just received a glimpse of what could be, a long and very fruitful career whilst we at Orcinus Recruit, can’t wait to see these candidates grow in to Industry Professionals.

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