Training within the Hospitality & Catering Industry

Training within the Hospitality & Catering Industry

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Training in the Hospitality & Catering Industry is pretty big news right now, don’t you think? However, I implore anyone to definitively inform me of the correct way to go about starting and training within an Industry currently employing millions and a significant percentage of the UK workforce.

The Industry currently smacks of a big game of tug and war between several avenues of training. Fighting for a place in the limelight includes the currently more popular and in my honest opinion, the better option, Apprenticeships and NVQ Training through 100% on job training, colleges as well as Higher Education.

This uncertainty surrounding the forms of entry to the Industry and the “better” training method could be causing an inconsistency in the progression of young professionals within the Industry, resulting in a shortage of skilled professionals, which we currently have. With the Industry growing at a rapid rate and confidence in the sector growing amongst customers, the need to have an adequate sized and skilled workforce is more important than ever however, as of yet, no major progress is being made, although inroads can be seen through the growing popularity in the Apprenticeships and NVQ Training taking place 100% on the job within fresh food led establishments.

Colleges have long been the most popular route to acquire necessary training but post-recession, colleges have lost lots of funding, limiting the positives they can offer to prospective young professionals. Lately, reports have arisen regarding the training provided to those embarking on an NVQ taught by colleges and the comments are staggering. The concept of an NVQ for the Hospitality & Catering Industry is to teach the students those basic skills needed to succeed within the sector as a professional such as knowledge and ability of how to make stocks and sauces so does the place for colleges become less crucial when these basic requirements stop being met.

Higher Education is a tough one. Universities have a place in most industries and can often provide education in a chosen subject unmatchable by on job training such as medical sciences where knowledge and studying is just as important as on job experience however, the Hospitality & Catering industry doesn’t seem to have so much of a place for higher education. Should it? Maybe but my guesses are that it’ll need a reform so that graduates effectively are better prepared for a career within the industry. Currently, most graduates end up having to start at square one and end up finding the degree in Hospitality hasn’t benefitted them much at all.

Now, Apprenticeships and NVQ training. 2015 is a year all about 100% on the job training offering young professionals an accessible route in to their chosen industry, job and career all the while earning a small amount and attaining vital recognised qualifications. The popularity in this form of training is evident through the steep increase in training companies providing the qualifications and combined with the particular need for Chefs, many pubs, restaurants and Hotels are actively recruiting or employing Apprentices to bring through and train the next generation of professionals.

So what is best? Ultimately, none are best but some examples like Apprenticeships & NVQ training are more suited to the current economic climate but the place for colleges and higher education are still relevant today and with all three methods of training properly and efficiently utilised, the next generation of Chefs and Hospitality staff will be receiving the training they require and will strengthen an industry currently growing rapidly, thanks to the high standards implemented by a developing culinary culture but we do just need a few more Chefs to carry some of the workload first.

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