What is being done to sustain the growth of the Hospitality Industry?

What is being done to sustain the growth of the Hospitality Industry?

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The Hospitality industry is forecasting 660,000 new jobs to be created within the sector by 2020. Great news? You’d think so but not really. The industry has already seen its demand for chefs grow by 23% since 2008, this has largely gone unfilled with 59% of employers having severe difficulty with finding adequate candidates for these positions. So with 660,000 more jobs on the brink of being created as expansion and growth continues, what are we going to do?

We at Orcinus Recruit are pre-empting the increasing shortage and are launching Recruitment strategies and plans for Apprentices. We believe doing this will allow young and determined individuals get the chance to develop with fresh food and quality led establishments before proceeding to become industry professionals, thus filling the posts that are likely to be vacant otherwise.

I am personally involved with the Recruitment of Apprentices, as an Apprentice myself, within the industry at Orcinus Recruit and within such a short space of time, I have already seen the difficulty that comes with finding the right candidates for positions that are vacant in so many areas. Industries more often than not need a metaphorical conveyor belt of development and training of young professionals for the industries to maintain sustainability and resilience to growth, expansion and changing demands of the particular industry in question.

The Hospitality and Catering Industry has at times struggled in recent years, some sectors being hit massively particularly during the peak of the recession. However, it’s now on an upward curve growth-wise in some areas. Arguably though, it hasn’t had these contingency plans for changes in size and growth. This has caused certain job roles within the industry such as Chef de Partie and Sous Chef become sparse and the conveyor belt to falter.

Here at Orcinus Recruit, we have the drive and determination to inspire the conveyor belt to start moving again. We have seen a great response through many candidate applications, some have already been placed within the industry whilst clients have been greatly responsive, understanding and offering the support necessary for our plans to really kick start. The strategy to recruit Apprentices is still in its infancy and the real benefits of doing so will take time to become evident, however, the hard work will be worth it when Orcinus Recruit and the industry is successfully assisting in fulfilling and sustaining the growth of the Hospitality & Catering sector.

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