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Cookie Policy

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"Using a website without Cookies is like buying a packet of Cookies to find the chocolate chips are missing" - Webmaster, Orcinus Recruit.

This Policy describes the use of Cookies on our site.

Our site is set to use Cookies by default and many are essential to delivery the best experience to visitors to our site. We like Cookies, just like Cookie Monster does. Nom Nom Nom!!! If you want to know more about Website Cookies, please read on...

What are Cookies?

Website Cookies are small information files stored by your web browser when you visit a website using them. They can help websites remember you from a previous visit and present information on subsequent visits which matches your preferences. The majority of websites use Cookies.

Most web browsers accept cookies by default. You can find more information HERE on how to change your web browser settings if you wish to.

Our Cookies

None of our Cookies identify exactly who you are and you remain anonymous when using our website. Some Cookies we use for tracking visits to our site for analytical purposes, to ensure we are delivering the best content to you. Other Cookies remember your preferences from a previous visit so we can deliver relevant information on subsequent visits.

Essential Cookies

We use mobile detection cookies to remember if you have visited our site on a mobile device and have indicated that you prefer to view our mobile version. These cookies do not store any personally identifiable information.

Tracking Cookies

Analytics: We use Google Analytics and PiWik to monitor visits to our site for statistical analysis purposes. Both of these services are managed by Orcinus Recruit Limited and do not share information with Third Parties.

We use visitor statistics information to anonymously track user behaviour. This allows us to assess how visitors use our website. It also allows us to see which features are popular so that we can improve them or remove things that are unused. This way we can deliver the most relevant information to our visitors and enrich their user experience.

One example where we have utilised user tracking in this way has been to assess how many people visit our site using mobile devices. We discovered that a high percentage or our visitors use mobile devices to browse our jobs. So we designed a mobile version of the site to make browsing our Catering and Hospitality vacancies easier.

Without the information we gathered, this would not be possible, so we thank those who may have unknowingly participated, but are happy that they have helped evolve our website.

Zopim: We use Zopim Live Chat to allow you to contact our representatives directly with any queries you may have. Zopim also tracks visits and page views. We do not control the cookies Zopim sets, but they are a part of the service they provide. If you use this service on our website then please read the Zopim policy on cookies.

Click here to visit Zopim Privacy Policy

Social Sharing

We use social icons on our website which allows users to share content directly on social networking/sharing sites, like Facebook and Twitter. An example is if you "like" or "tweet" about our website using one of these social icons. These services may set their own cookies when you use them which we do not control.

Google Maps

Our contacts page uses Google Maps to deliver our location information to our visitors.
Google sets cookies which we do not control. You can read more about the cookies here:

Google Privacy Policy

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