Candidate Services

How we support our Candidates

Orcinus has the tools, skills and hands on experience to guarantee support 100% of the way.  By fully understanding the fresh food establishments we recruit for, we are well equipped to ensure you only go towards the right position for your career aspirations and development.

We only recruit in the sectors we have passion for. We listen to how you want to develop your career and ensure that we find you that next challenging role which you will not only excel in, but also enjoy day in day out.

What makes us different:

  • Dedicated help line to answer any questions or queries. Just call 01962 940 040
  • Full job brief, website details and travel guidance before attending any trial/interview
  • We aim to personally contact everyone who applies for a position

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We are proud to support you 100% of the way

CV Checking Service

Unsure about your CV and if it is selling you in the best light. Send it to us and we will offer our professional feedback and help you to format it and give you the best chances of getting noticed at the first stage. Click here to register your CV.

Dedicated Candidate support line - 01962 940 040

Lost on way to interview, got a question about anything. Call our Candidate Support line - We are here to support you every step of the way - 7 Days a week

Pre-Interview Preparation Brief

We will email you every little piece of information you need right down to the littlest crumb - Contact name, Address, Dates, Times, Weblinks, Directions from door to door, what will be expected of you as well as what you are likely to need, so all you have to worry about is performing your best. Still unsure call the Support Line

Personal expert mentoring session

With our expert industry knowledge within the sectors we recruit we are able to advise, discuss technically on all areas - Life in the kitchen, to what to expect and how to prepare

The only company specialising in 100% Fresh Food Establishments

We don't just go where the money is! We support clients and establishments we have a passion for and understand fully. No 'Ping and GO'here, we find it wears the fingers out!!

Complete Transparency & Honesty on Job Briefs

The only way you will perform best at your interview/trial is by having all the information and tools available. We ensure plenty of time for research, forward job briefs and links to necessary websites way before any interview. We also ensure we receive the most detailed analysis of the role, by visiting every client, so when we tell you about the role you will have every ounce of information to prepare fully.

Industry Expert specialising in quality fresh food Hotels, Restaurants & Pubs

With hands on kitchen experience in Pubs, Hotels, and Restaurants up to Michelin level and extensive recruitment experience we are best placed to give honest and knowledgeable feedback to clients and candidates